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Edward Jeffreys was a prominant early settler of Victoria. The following articles display that Jeffries station was located from Kyneton to Mt Macedon. It is Edward's wife that is attributed with having named Kyneton.

Significantly it is clear from these articles that in the early days the Mt Macedon station included all the way down to the Campaspie river. This original station therefore predates the settling of the township of Campaspie.

It is along the Campaspie that George Francis is arrested and it is here that he may have passed away while in Police custody. 

These articles are also typical in showing the amount of theft and lawlessness that was present throughout the Macedon Ranges.

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The Argus Friday 26 August 1853.





Private Escort.

William Symons was then called, and deposed.—I am a cadet in the mounted police, stationed at Heathcote, near M'Ivor. On or about the 19th instant, I arrested George Francis, on Mr. Jeffrey's station, on the Campaspie.

                                          1847 DIRECTORY.

              For the Town and District of Port Phillip.

Jeffreys Brothers: settlers: Kyneton: Mount Macedon.



                                 Stolen or Strayed.

From the station of E.W Jefferys, Esq, Mount Macedon, a light bay mare, white face, branded JO near shoulder and JN off shoulder. If strayed, a reward of 2 pounds will be paid on recovery of the mare, or if stolen, a 5 pound reward on conviction of the thief. Information to be given at the above named station or to Mr Dennis Edwards, Little Bourke Street.


Mt Macedon.

February 7TH, 1852.

The Argus. Saturday 13th March. 1852. Page 7.


The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956)

Tuesday 6 February 1849 Page of 4




IMPOUNDED at Mount Macedon,

Campaspie River, January 29th,



1 yellow cow, short tail, CD near side ribs, 8 or S under KYS off ribs, FL S JCor JG rump

1 black poley cow, Q near ribs» like A\B off rump

1 red cow LR conjoined (the L reversed) near shoulder, blotch brand supposed AB off ribs B

1 red cow, slit off ear, white on belly and tail, B off rump

1 blue sided cow, white back belly and tail, near horn broken, illegible brand near ribs, like bible brand off libs, like D rump O

1 red cow, blotch brand WH within circle off rump

1 brown cow, blotch brand near rump, W rump, blotch off rump co

1 red heifer, supposed H off rump ML

1 strawberry bullock, WR near tibs

1 red bullock, white on forehead and hind quarters, near horn broken off, W near rump

1 red sided cow, white back belly and tail, T and illegible brand and S near ribs, JC rump, HYL off ribs, W and like 2 rump.

1 light strawberry cow, GG near ribs, WG rump

1 black cow, white on forehead and belly, W near rump

1 strawberry bullock, slit near ear, blind off eye, rj near rump, w off ribs, like

-Ç) off shoulder H

1 red bullock, AC or AG near rump, B within circle off rump

1 brown bullock, bit out off ear, IJS off ribs

1 red cow, white on rump and belly, H near shoulder, WH within circle off ribs, 2 and like anchor conjoined H thigh

' 1 brindle sided cow, white on back and belly, bit out off ear, I near rump, blotch and W back of off shoulder, CH Kx hip

1 brown sided cow, white on forehead and belly, slit off ear, WS near rump, K off rump

1 brindle sided heifer, white on back and belly and tail, like C or G near rump, JC off rump

1 white and red spotted heifer, bit out off ear, PI rump

1 black sided cow, white back belly and tail, slit near ear, blotch brand sup* posed WH with a circle off rump

…………………… Note: The list went on.

If not claimed and released on or be- fore the 22nd February next, will be sold at the pound yard according to Act of



24s 9d Poundkeeper.

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